Worst dating video cats

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Worst dating video cats

Whilst on vacation in Japan with Anthony, he proposed to Kalel after nearly three years of dating.

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However, sometime after, Kalel decided she wanted to pursue her dream of becoming a fashion designer, and therefore wouldn't have time to post videos to her channel.Kalel Cullen (March 28, 1989), also known as Kalel Kitten and Kalel Smith, is a You Tuber and Anthony Padilla's ex-fiancée (in a relationship June 29, 2013 to circa November 2014).Her birth name is Kristin Smith, but she decided to change her name to Kalel, since it suited her more (and she's a big fan of Superman). Kalel posted beauty videos on her former You Tube channel Queen Beeuty.Then, she revealed that she would be starting a new channel called Watch Us Live And Stuff with Anthony, which consisted of vlogs, tags and challenges posted almost daily.After only one and a half months of starting, with 45 videos, the channel had already reached 500,000 subscribers.After their break up she took over Watch Us Live And Stuff, removing all videos from the channel and rebranding it as her current personal channel.

The name was changed to Kalel Kitten, and then to simply Kalel while still using the original URL.

Shortly after her break up with Anthony, she began to receive less views.

In October 2016, she lost almost 20,000 subscribers as a result of drama between her and Anthony, something which caused many more people to dislike her.

At the time they assured viewers that they were still friends, despite the fact that they hadn't done any known videos together since separating.

In Anthony's second Draw My Life video, he revealed that his relationship with Kalel had been manipulative, and he now feels that she mostly used him throughout their time together.

On December 4, 2014, Kalel and Anthony publicly announced that they had broken up.