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The use of antidepressants can cause sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

The Biggest Questions Women Have About Sex [] If you are wondering why you can’t reach orgasm during intercourse you are not alone.

I'm very sorry to hear about your history of premature ejaculation (PE). The best treatment is the 'sexual re-education' programme developed by Masters and Johnson in the 1970s.

They claimed a 98 per cent cure rate – though I must add that the success rate among my own patients has been a bit less (around 80 per cent). dest-id=261182The World’s Best Sex Educator is in the den!

Today’s guest, Lou Paget has been researching human sexuality for over decades.

However, you must have an experienced therapist who can counsel you and your partner throughout the re-training, and show you both exactly what to do.

Fortunately, I see that you live in South Yorkshire.

Women are more likely to reach orgasm when they are on top.

And, if you want a man to do what feels good to you, learn what you enjoy. If you want to try adult toys, ask your partner if they are open to the idea. Trends in Sexual Health [] Stem cells occur naturally in the body but the use of them for sexual health is very trendy right now.

I say 'fortunately' because one of the world's best sex therapy clinics is located in Sheffield. Your own GP should know how to get you an appointment; you will need a referral letter from him/her.

Not surprisingly, at the moment they have a long waiting list.

My boyfriend cannot ejaculate when we have sex My husband gets a headache on climaxing – is this normal?

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