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What does punishment look like in reality (well reality TV anyway)?In the case of Snooki, she was socially and sexually frustrated when Jionni left. However, with prolonged "punishment" from Jionni, her mood began to change.

Finally, Snooki found a way to get the sex that she wanted too. The moral of the story: you can "change" behavior to a preferred alternative, but you cannot "punish" it away.So, what is someone supposed to do in that situation? When a person is doing something we don't like, it is important to ignore them.Don't give them the attention or results they are looking for. Let's look at these two points in the case of Snooki. Clearly, it was sexual attention from her boyfriend.Jionni traveled to Italy to visit Snooki, only to be confronted with her embarrassing behavior.Essentially, on the night of his arrival, the group went out to a club.Such behavior is typical of someone who has not received the desired reward for their behavior. Remaining firm and not accidentally reinforcing bad behavior is key in this step. He did not give Snooki another positive behavior suggestion.

Temper tantrums and insults are also disrespectful behavior to be ignored. He did not find the win-win - a behavior that made them both happy.

Welcome back to The Attraction Doctor Apparently, I have a reality TV fixation lately.

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed the Millionaire Matchmaker (see here).

In the end, you will be respected and they will be rewarded. What the American viewing public never seems to understand is this: Just because they put something on television doesn't mean you have to watch it.

The success of shows like "Jersey Shore" surely must herald the downfall of our civilization.

Show them a more positive way to get your attention, affection, praise, and reward.