Who is matt di angelo dating

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He played Fitz Kreiner in the Doctor Who audio play The Company of Friends. This will be the series two-part finale 'No Fjords in Finland' which is due to air on Saturday 25 July and Saturday 1 August 2009.

In May 2010 Di Angelo was filming Whiskey Robber for Parallel Pictures and series 7 of Hustle.The actor, who is known for his role as Walford's Dean Wicks, looks eerily like his younger alter ego Deano in the new promo shot, as he prepares to take on the role of Fletch in the second series of the BBC drama.Based at the call centre and warehouse of a sports sales company in Wales, the second series of the hit Danny Brocklehurst drama will introduce viewers to a fresh array of compelling characters, with each episode delving into one of their tangled web of torrid secrets and lies.In April 2012, industry trade daily Screen International announced Di Angelo had been cast as the lead in British crime thriller Two Days in the Smoke alongside Stephen Marcus, Alan Ford, Lili Bordan and Velibor Topic. In 2007, Di Angelo competed as a contestant in series 5 of Strictly Come Dancing, where he was partnered with professional dancer Flavia Cacace.He and Cacace finished the competition as the runners-up, losing to Alesha Dixon and Matthew Cutler.And he previously hinted that he might return to Albert Square in the future.

“No one can tell the future,” he teased shortly after his departure.

From January to February 2008 he competed in the live "Strictly Come Dancing" Tour alongside former East Enders (1985) co-stars Letitia Dean and Louisa Lytton.

He won more shows than anyone else, coming first overall sixteen times and second a further ten times.

“It could be right for me to go back one day, but with that last story, it is less likely.

It took its toll on me, but it didn’t bleed into my private life.

“I don’t really dance these days apart from drunkenly in my living room.

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