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September 28, 1982 an American actor who portrayed young John Winchester on Supernatural. (2005-2008) is an award-winning teen-oriented TV series about a family who moves from Ohio to Los Angeles.

Family moves Ohio Los Angeles, where find themselves unprepared city's fast pace, overcrowded public school their three teenagers will attend. Best known for her portrayal of Ashley Davies on the television series South of Nowhere, as well as portraying Misty Monroe in the web series Girltrash!

It is the first such show conceived with a lesbian character at the outset.

The story revolves around the Carlin family, who move to LA when mother Paula (Maeve Quinlan) is transferred to a hospital there.

Meanwhile, Aiden's other ex, Madison Duarte (Valery Ortiz), moves onto Glen when Aiden starts showing interest in Spencer.

Season 1 ends with Glen messing up his knee on a pick-up game and Paula almost buckling under the strain her job put on her marriage, while Spencer and Ashley finally hook up. The season introduces Kyla Woods (Eileen April Boylan), Ashley's half-sister, who moves in with her after the death of their father (played by CC De Ville from Poison). Meanwhile, Spencer comes out, Glen becomes addicted to painkillers and Clay faces the ultimate test when his girlfriend, Chelsea Lewis (Aasha Davies), announces that she is pregnant to him.

A family moves from Ohio Los Angeles, where they find themselves unprepared city's fast pace, overcrowded public school that their three teenagers will attend.

She Search results born September 19, 1986 is an American actress.While there, father Arthur (Rob Moran) specializes in relationship counseling, and the three kids complete their high school education.At school, oldest natural child Glenn (Chris Hunter) endeavors to make the pro-basketball circuit, which brings him to rivalry with Aiden Dennison (Matt Cohen).Amanda Marie born September 19, 1986 an American actress singer. Starred Davies well portraying Misty Monroe its Musical Prequel Film All Night Long.In Song Remains Same he portrayed Archangel Michael who was possessing.Fans of the very successful Showtime web series might have been expecting a longer version of the gritty web series. GIRLTRASH: All Night Long is the story of two sisters at cross purposes.