Who is lafee dating

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He doesn't obsess about anyone's diet besides ours so I'm inclined to believe that he does all of this because he truly cares about my wellbeing. Living a healthy lifestyle is one thing but this is an extreme I don't want to deal with anymore.

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I don't believe any of this is malicious on his end.Especially since you say this is the only thing he's like this about.If he were just a controlling jerk you'd think that behavior would leak into other facets of your life.I second the recommendation for counseling, even if it's just him working out his own issues.OP, if you do suggest counseling, make sure he knows it's coming from a place of concern and wanting to make sure you are both as healthy as possible for each other. My guess is he may have OCD tendencies or anxiety and this is his way of exerting control over a callous and chaotic world.Controlling your partner's eating is not okay.

I think you need to set a firm boundary that he is not allowed to comment on your food choices, and stick to it.We've never discussed diets beyond your preferences.Please tell me what upset you specifically, I want to understand."Be patient.Sometimes good people just aren't good partners.He may need counseling, and you will absolutely need boundaries.It reminded me a lot of my ex who had pretty severe anxiety.