Who is dirk nowitzki dating

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Along with their profession, the couple is successfully maintaining their family too.

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Her name, the one she gave Nowitzki at least, was Christian Trevino.

Half a year later, Dirk Nowitzki is sitting in his father's office in Würzburg.

The season is over, and so is his relationship, and he is taking a break from his life as a professional basketball player in the NBA.

The woman he had hugged so affectionately in his kitchen in Preston Hollow, an exclusive residential area in Dallas, was a swindler, a gold-digger. The conversation with Geschwindner lasted four hours.

But Nowitzki still doesn't understand what happened.

She introduced herself to Nowitzki as Christian Trevino and told him she was originally from Brazil.

When he took her home for Christmas, she told his parents that they could call her "Crissy." Nowitzki was apparently just another of her gold-digging victims, and he will probably never find out whether she may have loved him all the same.

Too much privacy, he says, isn't the right thing at the moment.

Nowitzki tugs at his lower lip as his eyes dart around the room.

'I Felt Nothing at All' He wishes he could have holed up there forever, he says.

Seven weeks ago, his mentor, Holger Geschwindner, explained to him that his personal life had been a farce for the past year.

The wedding was held in the African traditional style in Kenya and both of them were dressed in African costume. As per the rumors, their first traditional wedding was held in Kenya for Jessica's mother and family. But neither of them have talked anything to the public about the two different marriage.

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