Who are deanna pappas dating today

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Who are deanna pappas dating today

But for me, if I believe it's meant to be or I believe it's right -- and I do believe that he is a fantastic person -- I believe that he deserves a second chance because I can only imagine how confusing things were for him at that moment.Reality TV World: So what would you tell people that say that isn't the type of behavior they'd expect from a strong, independent woman? Reality TV World: Ya, how would you address somebody that would question you on that?

Reality TV World: I was expecting to ask you if the special gave you the answers and closure you were looking for, but after watching it, it looks like you weren't really looking for closure, is that right?De Anna Pappas: If he called me today and asked me that, I really do not know how I would respond because I felt like I gave him not one chance but two chances and he had me in tears and vulnerable in front of America and broke my heart twice.I don't know that there would be any repair on that, he would really have to go out of his way and prove to me that he's in it forever.Between the producers and my dad, I spent so much time talking to these people and trying to understand and they were trying to understand -- it was pretty much confusing for every single one person.Reality TV World: We obviously saw your initial reaction during the special, but now that you've had a few more days to think about it, does the disconnect you felt between Brad's comments that he'd been thinking about you every day and his lack of interest in pursuing your relationship further make any more sense to you?De Anna Pappas: No, I was looking for closure, one way or the other.

Whether the closure was for myself to be able to move on or whether the closure was to be with Brad and we could move on and further our relationship, I was looking for closure. Yes, in a certain sense, I guess, because I have to move on.

After talking with Brad, do you think you better understand his reasoning? Two and a half months later, it's still very confusing for me to see how he could have walked out of my life.[and] how he could let me walk out of his life.

Reality TV World: Have you talked at all Brad at all since the special was filmed on Friday?

De Anna Pappas: Watching the show on Tuesday night was just as hard for me, it was very hard for me to watch.

I guess this morning when I woke up it was it little clearer.

It's the way that I've had to grow up, and it's the only way that I know how to be.