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In spite of legislation, a fourth of the world’s international child sex tourists come from North America, according to End Child Prostitution and Trafficking (ECPAT) (as cited in Martin, 2013).

The heart of human trafficking—the mechanism by which it continues—is the demand for commercialized sex.If you are involved in the tourism industry, you have a special and unique privilege to combat this form of human trafficking.When working directly with clients—or speaking with those who do—inform them about sex tourism and encourage them to take action alongside of you.For seven days, your world is filled with warm sunshine, frosty drinks, and the unmistakable scents of chlorine and sun screen.As wonderful as spring break is, it offers a potential for sinister activities, like sex tourism.8 p.m., Reelz Channel Second city “South Side” takes stereotypes about urban life in a big city and turns them on their heads.

That means the “hustlers” are trying to make an extra buck peddling flavored popcorn on the street and a science whiz gets ignored by a mom who only cares about the son who can dribble a basketball.And it’s not just pedophiles that purchase sex from minors.Most child sex tourists are “situational”—that is, they are not exclusively attracted to children (as are pedophiles). Traveling to other countries or cities offers them the perfect opportunity to do this because of the “anonymity and impunity” it entails (The Code).So refuse to fuel it, and encourage others to do the same.In doing this—or anything else to stop sex tourism—you will begin to loosen the chains of modern-day slavery.Martian chronicles If looking back on our travels to the moon left you less than inspired, you may want to set course for an even more mysterious destination.

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