Validating dynex

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Validating dynex - Seks pusy

The guidelines require that the mean plus or minus two standard deviations of replicates at the decision point must not overlap replicates at concentrations less than or equal to ±50% of the concentration of the decision point.

Two decision points are incorporated in the methods used in this laboratory.Compared with other opioids, fentanyl has a higher addiction potential because of its high lipophilic properties that cause rapid onset and short duration of action (3).Similar to other opioids, it is a Schedule II drug under the Controlled Substance Act.Opioids can produce analgesia, sedation, euphoria, nausea, vomiting and respiratory depression.Fentanyl produces other side effects like muscle rigidity and apnea at higher rates than other opioids (3).Dr Paul Janssen, founder of Janssen Pharmaceutica, developed the compound fentanyl during the late 1950s and early 1960s (1).

Compared with morphine, fentanyl is 50–100 times more potent (2) and is distributed under the brand names Sublimaze or Fentora™ (3).

The low, mid and blank controls are run in duplicate at the beginning of the plate and are designated calibrators by the instrument software.

The high standard is run after all case samples and like case samples is run only once.

The laboratory's quality control criteria states that for an analysis to be acceptable the optical density (or absorbance) readings must be in decreasing order from the blank to the high control.

Matrix-matched negative, low, mid and high controls are run with each analysis and the quality control criteria must be met in order for the run to pass.

Two recent papers reporting the detection of synthetic cannabinoids using ELISA kits did not utilize SWGTOX guidelines for the validation studies (9, 10).

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