Updating wow to bc

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Mjs activos, eventos y demas y constante mantenimiento. Game world DRAGONBORN x300 - your ideal world Wrath of the Lich King!For example, if you'd like to set 'Regrowth' to activate on 'Shift-Left Button', then you just find that spell in your spellbook and then Shift-Left Click on it.You can also bind keyboard combinations, so you could do the same with Shift-R if you'd like.You can also open the configuration GUI by running the /clique slash command.From this binding interface you can add, remove and alter any of your Clique bindings.Click on the button, and choose the correct action and you will be presented with a dialog box that allows you to set the binding for that action.

Simply choose a new key combination, and you will be able to target units and open your menu again.

In addition Clique allows you to set up different profiles, and can automatically switch between them when your character changes talent groups.

In order to set this up, click the 'Options' button, or navigate to the Clique options section of the Interface Options menu.

Keep in mind when you are setting your bindings that they will override any bindings that are already set on the frame, for example the default bindings to 'Target unit' and 'Show unit menu'.

You can override these bindings if you would like, but you should then set a new different combination that will activate the original functions If you've rebound or lose these default bindings, you can re-bind them using the 'Bind other' button in the Clique configuration.

I have made this check smarter and it should be better at determining when to clear the bindings that have been set.