Updating table high processor utlization

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Updating table high processor utlization

This causes an increase in CPU utilization, at least according to commonly used tools.

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They add a real overhead and make your processor do more work - why shouldn't this be reflected in the headline number?

I usually just resort to timing and callgrind (instructions, cache-misses and estimated CPU cycles), but that feels rather unprofessional to me.

What sorts of ancient servers are you running Netflix on?

So now, if the CPU needs to read a page, it looks in the TLB. If not, it needs to figure it out the slow way, after which it stores the result in the TLB for future accesses to that page.

The final piece is that the Linux patches for the Meltdown bug (for Intel CPUs, and possibly others such as some ARM CPUs) apparently flush the TLB; I'm not sure exactly when (on every context switch? So after the patch, the CPU will need to figure out a whole bunch of page mappings, again and again and again, since the patches keep flushing the cache.

they might just give you stalls due to mispredicted branches instead).

PCID was only fully supported in Linux 4.14, which we are not on yet (are you? There was partial support in earlier versions, and, vendors like Canonical backported some PCID patches to earlier versions.

My guess is that he won't get it by trying to redefine the usual meaning of words. Since this is /r/programming I'll assume you know about memory addresses and such, but I'll talk about how they work on a lower level.

All memory addresses used in "normal" programming (non-OS programming on PC hardware) are virtual addresses.

The WMI Provider Host process, also known as Windows Management Instrumentation or Wmi Prv SE.exe, is part of Windows and assists organizations in monitoring and troubleshooting a large number of systems on a network.

It’s not uncommon for the process to go out of control, however.

Part of the analysis I did was to see how much PCID improved performance (a lot) and whether we needed to upgrade any kernel we were using (by that point the Ubuntu kernels we were using supported PCID properly).

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