Updating records retention schedules in nys

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Updating records retention schedules in nys - Online live 3g sex chat

(For more information on migration and conversion, refer to the guidelines.) Your electronic records management strategy should include records retention schedules.

General records retention schedules exist for state government, cities, townships, school districts, counties, and courts.All records fall into a records series, and each records series should be managed according to an appropriate records retention schedule.By managing related records as a group, you can efficiently preserve and dispose of your records.The continuum concept outlines four actions that recur throughout the life of a record.These actions are: Each person who touches the record performs one or all of these activities.Instead, each person’s activities will have an effect on all the others in the continuum.

Their roles and responsibilities should be coordinated, not organized autonomously.

You may discover that another medium altogether (e.g., paper or microfilm) is the best option.

You may also determine that you want to combine approaches, such as converting all files to an open format and migrating them to a single platform and storage medium.

Digital files made available over the web allow government agencies to provide information to partners or the public quickly and efficiently.

In addition, through the application of optical character recognition (OCR) software, digital images can be used to create text-searchable files which increase access and use.

For example, all records (regardless of format) relating to a particular committee’s activity on a single issue may constitute a records series that must be preserved for some length of time before disposition.

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