Updating kitchen cabinets with molding

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Updating kitchen cabinets with molding - who is raven dating now

Cut the molding at 45-degree angles for the corners if using angled moldings; flat moldings may be cut at 45- or 90-degree angles, with each piece butting up against its neighbors around the face of the door.

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Change the look of the door fronts entirely by adding beadboard inside the space framed by the molding.

We were actually able to cut those same pieces of oak trim down to fit our new design, so that was really convenient affordable too!

Instead of having one long piece of trim running all along the ceiling and joining all the cabinets together, we decided to trim out each individual upper cabinet.

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That extra gingerbread trim around the windows really gave it a “straight out of 1992” flare that just wasn’t doing it for us.

Still, it was a big kitchen and it functioned well, so we made it work.That really maximized the openness of the ceiling and kind of gives the feeling of individual pieces of furniture in the room.I love this look for a kitchen because it’s both an updated look and also totally appropriate for an old farmhouse like ours.She enjoys exploring foreign locales and hiking off the beaten path stateside, snapping pics of wildlife and nature instead of selfies.This is one of those times when I wish life was a little more like TV. We could tell that it would look amazing and we just couldn’t do it.Cut the beadboard to fit inside the molding "frame" on each door face, adhering it in place with wood glue or construction adhesive.

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