Updating gemini via blue panel

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Updating gemini via blue panel

Lucy forces Sagittarius's gate to close, only for Gemini to re-summon Sagittarius.

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After retrieving information on Hibiki from Gray's memories, they assume Lucy's form and use Hibiki's weakness of women by exposing Lucy's breasts, much to the real Lucy's dismay.

Gemini, with Lucy's abilities, commands Sagittarius to attack Hibiki.

Gemi has a "^" shape for a mouth, while Mini has an "v" for a mouth.

Gemi has a sash running from his left shoulder to the right side of his waist and Mini has a sash running from her right shoulder to the left side of her waist.

Natsu thinks of a quiz party game and Happy does a "Who is the real thing? However, the three Lucys aren't happy at Natsu for this suggestion.

When Lucy accidentally turns herself invisible using a Magic bath lotion, the guild comes up with an idea to have Gemini take on Lucy's appearance and take her position in the guild.

They later pose as Gray and incapacitate Natsu by luring him onto a raft, bringing about his motion sickness.

As Gemini is about to deal the finishing blow, Lucy interferes by summoning Sagittarius. Gemini attempts to attack Lucy, but their attack is blocked by Hibiki.

Gemini first appears after the guild alliance leaves the Blue Pegasus' base.