Updating from xp to vista

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Updating from xp to vista

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The Recovery CD's we made -should- put everything back as it was, if we ever need it. Being on really new hardware it won't autodetect everything, but Don't Panic.

It should apply to different Acer notebooks, and likely has info useful to other brands as well. Today's laptops are 'meant' for Vista, so trying to install XP often isn't easy.

In the case of my 5620, the hard drive wasn't even detected until I researched and changed Bios settings (known as the AHCI issue). Use Acer's backup software (mine had an Acer floating toolbar with this) to do two things- First, a Full Backup of your system.

I did both, just in case, throwing the newest onto a 256MB USB drive.

Thirdly, look in Device Manager to see what AHCI Disk Controller you have! On the Best Buy Acer Extensa 5620-6830, it's the 'Intel 82801HEM/HBM SATA AHCI.' Other models may be slightly different.

Also go to Device Manager to check your computer hardware is working correctly and you don’t need to reinstall any driver.

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