Updating from windows 98 to windows xp

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To start the upgrade procedure, insert the Windows 2000 CD and click on the upgrade option when it appears.

Installing Windows 2000 as a second operating system gives you the advantages of a clean installation without losing your current setup.

On some systems you may need to adjust BIOS settings to enable CDROM Boot. For the time being I would select FAT or FAT32 file systems. I would only select NTFS if you need the security provided by it.

Installing Windows 2000 as an upgrade will allow you to keep all network settings and applications that you currently have.

If you perform the upgrade, make sure you have a roll back path in case things decide to blow up.

Windows 2000 does not have an uninstall option, so have a current backup of all data and applications.

If you don't like it, delete the Windows 2000 directories and rewrite the boot sector by issuing a SYS C: command from the Windows 98 MSDOS prompt.

If you decide to stay with Windows 2000, you can safely delete the Windows 98 directory and remove the reference to Windows 98 from the file.

It incorporates all new technology, as well as some old favorites from Windows 9x.

It will enhance your ability to maintain a s TABLE network, and also enhance the ability to monitor, control, and deploy your client systems.

I'll define some of the pluses and minuses for each option and let you decide what you want to do.

Installing Windows 2000 clean will provide you with the best version of Windows 2000.

Before jumping straight into the upgrade, you should do some preplanning.