Updating deers

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Updating deers

TRICARE has also put together a helpful fact sheet about registering in DEERS. Check out more like it from Alex at Military Planners.

This can sometimes be overlooked, especially when a child is born.

Your Social Security number (SSN) and the SSN of each of your covered family members must be included in DEERS for your TRICARE coverage to be accurate.

You have several options for updating and verifying DEERS information.

Newborn children must be entered into DEERS immediately and as a result, are often entered before a Social Security number has been issued to them.

Parents must return to a military ID card-issuing facility with the child’s Social Security card or they risk being fined.

Each dependent, however, must be enrolled separately by the service member.

The service member can add a new family member into DEERS in person at any military ID card-issuing facility.

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For more information, please see our Advertising Policy While there are many acronyms to learn in the military, DEERS is one to know by heart.

But family members age 18 and older may update their own contact information.

Find more information about DEERS on the TRICARE website.

But others include access to commissaries and exchanges, ID cards, life insurance, and education benefits.

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