Updating active directory batch

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Updating active directory batch

Sounds like a cahced credentials/cached profile problem.Try picking on one user (preferably someone this won't impact too much on), deleting their local profile on their PC, and getting them to log on again.

Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.The Batch service retries a Task if its exit code is nonzero.Note that this value specifically controls the number of retries for the Task executable due to a nonzero exit code.It sounds like you don't know if the users are executing the new version of the script or the old version.(I'm guessing that you have a single domain controller and that this isn't a file replication issue between the DCs.The parameter allows any modifications made to the ADUser object to go to the corresponding Active Directory object while only updating object properties that have changed.

Web Active Directory offers a variety of products to automate Active Directory tasks like provisioning, deprovisioning, updates and password resets.

To accomplish this goal, you need to target the Last Logon Time Stamp property and then specify a condition with the time as shown in the following Power Shell commands: As you can see, the $Time variable holds a valid date, and the next Power Shell command is executed with a filter that is set to search only those computer accounts for which the Last Logon Time Stamp has not been updated in the last 90 days.

If you wish to search computer accounts that have been inactive for more than 90 days, all you need to do is modify the $Days In Active variable value.

The operation will be performed only if the resource's current ETag on the service does not match the value specified by the client.

The maximum number of times the Task may be retried.

If this is not specified, there is no time limit on how long the Task may run.