Updating a hashmap

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Apart from these three popular Map implementation, you also have some special purpose Map implementations e.g.

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but Hash Map is certainly faster than Hashtable because it's not synchronized.Tree Map is so it's costlier than Hash Map if the order is not concerned.Since and uses linked list to provide insertion order guarantee.This provides Linked Hash Map an edge over Hash Map without compromising too much performance.provides you complete control over sorting elements by passing custom Comparator of your choice, but with the expense of some performance.You also have a special map called Weak Hash Map for creating a Garbage Collector friendly Cache, where values become eligible for garbage collection as soon as there is no other reference to them apart from keys in Identity Hash Map for creating a Map which uses identity instead of equality for comparing keys since identity equality is rare, you get less number of collisions on this Map and finally, JDK 5 introduced Concurrent Hash Map for better scalability in a multi-threaded environment, where the number of reader threads clearly outnumbers a number of writer threads.

interface and follows general contract of a Map interface, defined in terms of equals() and hash Code() method, they also have several differences in terms of Ordering, Sorting, permitting null elements, Iteration, Performance, Speed and internal implementation.Tree Map is internally based upon Red-Black Tree and Navigable Map, introduced in JDK 6.The Red-Black tree is used to maintain the sorting order imposed by Comparable or Comparator, provided at the time of creation.BTW, constant time performance is only provided if mappings are distributed uniformly across bucket location.In the real world, you always have collision and Hash Map handles collision by using a linked list to store collided elements.Let's have a quick look on each of these properties.