Tripit google calendar not updating

14-May-2019 01:11 by 4 Comments

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I've tried adding/removing the feed, to no avail... No updates on either one, several hours after the Trip It feed was updated. Google is great with algorithms but sadly out of touch with what people really need.

Lastly, you need to make sure the calendars you are syncing are actually enabled in the i OS calendar app.I currently have a trip that has both hotel and air reservations in Trip It; it's been in there for weeks, and the trip starts tomorrow, but it still hasn't shown up in Google Calendar.Oddly, I have past trips, in the last few weeks that are correctly in Google Calendar.And I have future trips that are correctly in Google Calendar. I've manually examined the XML and i Cal feeds, and the trip is present.Google Calendar just isn't respecting/reflecting it. Is there any way to "force" a Google Calendar sync? My work GCalendar was using and my personal GCalendar was using I have had my Trip It feed registered in my Google Calendar for several years, mostly without issue.

However, sometimes, entries that a clearly and accurately registered in Trip It just don't show up in Google Calendar.

They should be by default, but if they are unchecked, then you won’t see those events.

Open the calendar app and tap on Calendars at the very bottom.

Before I get into how to sync the other calendars, let me give you one more quick tip.

Go to Settings, tap Mail, Contacts and Calendars and then scroll all the way down to Default Calendar.

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