The almost complete 78 rpm dating guide

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The almost complete 78 rpm dating guide - Chatforum porn

Jazz record label, Tyrone. Tyrone's record and phonograph down to "labels," very near to the the top of this very long page. Dance band encyclopaedia: label index By label Settlemier, Tyrone. The orchestra on record, 1896-1926 : an encyclopedia of orchestral recordings made by the acoustical process.

Historical opera recordings from 78rpm discs: complete and abridged sets Historical Operetta Recordings from 78rpm discs: complete and abridged sets ODE (Opera discography encyclopedia) 78opera _________________________________________ Catalogs by performer Online sources Complete recordings of John Mc Cormack Finnish vocal art on records, 1902-1945 _________________________________________ Print sources Dictionary catalog of the G.

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Music Cataloging at Yale ♪ Sound recording cataloging General | Dating 78 RPM recordings: print | online | Catalogs by: company name: print | online | genre, medium of performance, etc.: print | online | performer: print | online | Library catalogs and national archives: print | online | Miscellaneous The 78rpm record home page Discography of American historical recordings _________________________________________ Print sources Daniels, William R.

The Yale University Music Library and Historical Sound Recording Archives will be cataloging 78 rpm recordings in the record label range A-D.

In Process_________________________________________ Online sources Australian and New Zealand78 label dates Early or historical sound recordings collections and other 78 & cylinder sites of interest The online discographical project Staunton, Ted. Der yidisher Gramofon: 78 rpm recordings of European Jewish music _________________________________________ Catalogs by company name A-D This section is limited to record labels beginning with the A-D.

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The American 45 and 78 rpm record dating guide, 1940-1959.

ARLD : the American record label directory and dating guide, 1940-1959.

Seventy years of issues : historical 78rpm pressings from original masters, 1931-2001.

Date about all those English seventy-eights : Pt.1 (2nd rev.

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