Symantec endpoint protection manager 11 x not updating virus definitions

28-May-2019 16:53 by 9 Comments

Symantec endpoint protection manager 11 x not updating virus definitions - ancient eclipses and dating the fall of babylon

Then CTRL ALT DELETE And Processes Tab, Then Find any CCSVCHST. This Kills Norton until next reboot, So you are left unprotected! On my machine it appears in the following folders: C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\12.1.1000.157.105\Data\Cached Installs\Program Files\Symantec\Name\Version\Bin\cc Svc Hst.exe, C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\All Users\Anwendungsdaten\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\Current Version\Data\Cached Installs\Program Files\Symantec\Name\Version\Bin\cc Svc Hst.exe, C:\Programme\Symantec\Symantec Endpoint Protection\12.1.1000.157.105\Bin\cc Svc I was running both Norton and Ad-Aware virus protection.EXE And end it, It will open up again like 5 more times. I thought maybe the two definition files were causing a conflict.

It was clear that they were just clicking on settings to make it look like they were doing something.

I know everbody is saying it is part of NAV but I still don't feel safe.

It is constantly using between 8-99% of my CPU (on and off on an I7! I think it is malware, or somehow linked to malware.

Very helpful for making sure all the Macs aren't bringing an internet connection or local server to it's knees at one certain time a day.

Set_SEP_Sched_(2.49 KB) Download Managed Preference (MCX) manifests allow you to enforce settings on managed computers with Jamf Pro. Find out more about managed preference manifests on the managed preference manifests page.

Once i start "security Task Monitor", Norton finished update and cc Svc disapear. cc Svc causes very high CPU usage, but (according to Symantec support) can't be disabled without complete uninstall, their Norton Removal Tool and Norton Remove and Reinstall Tool both fail to uninstall their application.

Don't know whether it is Norton's process or malware process. c/programfilesx86/nortoninternetsecurity/engine/*86, countersignatures disappear on clicking. I am long-time NIS 2011 user (yeah, real stupid of me).

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Visit Stack Exchange I've tried to uninstall through the app but it asks for a password from the "Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager administrator". Looks like there's a tool that will completely uninstall Symantec software from your Mac. Here's the direct download link to Remove Symantec Mac

Company: Symantec ( File: runs a process that is responsible for managing connections made with the local system.

This process is a known CPU-drain but disabling it may cause problems while running Symantec applications which serve to secure systems against malicious software, hackers and accidental damage.

I think I'm just going to uninstall and put Avast in.