Solomon islands love dating

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Solomon Islanders also speak a variant of English called pidgin English (a form of Creole).

As a result, the predominant cultures of Melanesia and Polynesia were deeply intertwined with the cultures of the different churches, and both urban and rural lifestyles.

The leaders at independence, therefore, chose an amalgam of symbols to closely represent the different islands and their cultures.

This is shown in the national coat of arms, which displays a crocodile and a shark upholding the government (represented by a crown) and a frigate bird supporting both.

Coastal areas of the main islands sheltered from the prevailing wind get less rain and, therefore, are drier.

Honiara, the capital, is situated on Guadalcanal, in a rain shadow cast by a high mountain range. The population of the Solomon Islands is estimated to be approximately 450,000.

The first discoverers of the Solomon Islands were the island peoples themselves.

They settled the main islands and developed land-based communities, first with agriculture and then through animal husbandry, particularly pigs.Mendaña then named the islands after King Solomon—Solomon Islands.The islands are most widely known to the outside world for the World War II battles that were fought there, especially on Guadalcanal.Also displayed are an eagle, a turtle, a war shield, and some fighting spears.The coat of arms also includes the phrase "to lead is to serve," which characterizes the general belief of the founding fathers who called on every member of the new nation to cherish duty and responsibility.It was in the 1800s, when traders and whalers arrived, that contact with Europeans became constant and enduring.

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