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Today, instead of pitting Office 365 Groups vs Teams, I’m going to do my best to help you untwist the product names and understand how the technology actually coexists in your tenant.defines a group as (noun) “any collection or assemblage of persons or things.” Ok great, makes sense.

Got it, but why is it called “Microsoft Teams” when it’s only available as a part of Office 365?Or is “Groups” more about a group of technologies, whereas “Teams” is more about a team of people? But semantics and meanings aside, what we do end up with is a couple of key scenarios that need to be understood.What happens if someone creates a new Team but doesn’t connect it to an existing Group?This can quite easily happen as Teams are invite-only, and unlike Yammer groups, you can’t browse what other Teams might already exist.For example, Bob is a member of the “Sales” Group, but Sally isn’t a member of that Group.The only way around this is to delete Sally’s Microsoft Team and subsequent Office 365 Group, and instead create a new Team that is purposely connected to the existing Group Bob is a part of. It would be confusing for the users because of the duplicate workflow, and then someone eventually has to clean up the mess to move the file content from this Team to the other Team.

But then we run into an issue because there is no way at this point to migrate Team chats!

We need to ensure these key areas are covered: Instead of pitting Office 365 Groups vs Teams, the two together provide a very powerful disruptor in the way we work on a daily basis.

However, we need think them through to ensure that the disruption leads to a positive outcome and improved user experience, not confusion and frustration.

Not knowing that the Group exists, Sally goes out and creates a “Sales” Team.

But just like an Office 365 Group is made any time a user creates a Yammer group, each new Team also gets an Office 365 Group.

If, however, the amount of investment in your Office 365 Group content isn’t that great, you can shuffle some things around to make that work.

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