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, Anushka Sharma got an image of the pretty girl you would like to take home to your mother.While Surinder Sahni might have not noticed it, she has a the one of the most electrifying smiles in Bollywood. The action wasn’t just restricted to the screen but off-screen she created quite a furor when a tabloid published controversial pictures of her alleged lip-lock with Shahid Kapoor in public.

The actor is known to have influenced ex-girlfriend, Kareena Kapoor to turn to vegetarianism does not have same effect on all gals we suppose!Bhardwaj, like Anurag Kashyap, belongs to that radical new crop of filmmakers who specialize in what I would call the ‘shock & awe’ genre.The audience is instinctively repulsed by the many stark facets of this brand of intelligent, layered film-making , but eventually relates to it.The sport personality who trained Rani Mukherjee to master the game is a well-known Indian cricket player, but his name is being kept under wraps since he don’t want that people know about his involvement in the movie.Whether Rani mastered her fours and sixes will be known only after the film releases.While the unscrupulous Charlie pulls his stunts in the race course, Guddu, who works for an NGO, fantasizes a corporate life, even as he constantly rummages his hovel in search of a condom to make love to his randy girlfriend Sweety Bhope, played to perfection by Priyanka Chopra.

Guddu’s ambitions come to a grinding halt, when he realizes that a pregnant Sweety is the sister of a fanatical thug, who loathes the non-Maratha interlopers who have come into Bombay and appropriated what rightfully belongs to locals like him.From somewhere here, Bhardwaj loses his grip, and like a severed plastic-kite buffeted by unruly winds, the film goes awry, until the gun-fire smothered climax decisively tears it asunder .Like the famed Langdaa Tyaagi in , Bhardwaj crafts his characters masterfully, endowing commonplace quirks and attributes that make them stand out in the unimpressive pantheon of Bollywood caricatures.Pues bien en el video destacan los actores: Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra, Katrina Kaif, Anushka Sharma, Shahid Kapoor, junto a algunos de los mas jóvenes compositores indios, le hacen tributo a MJ con la cancion Make It Large…veanlo…Shahid Kapoor, a strict veggie shocked everyone at a function a few days ago when he asked for chicken sandwiches.The actor, who has been voted the Sexiest Vegetarian by a PETA poll, asked for chicken sandwiches and everyone from the manager to the host was stunned.

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