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Even still, remind them of the potential for predators and catfishers.The game is fun but graphics okay but you don't get what you pay for the short you on tasks gems and coins the when you breed dragons you just keeep getting same old dragons over and over. Bad people don't bother other much cooler dragon games out therw where yoh don't have to harass your friends or spend a fortune tonkove forward in game. My 11 year old loved this game and, sadly, I found the chat feature too late.

So you're basically being penalized for not wanting to fight against rivals twice your level against whom you stand no chance? Then there's the social aspect: very deceptive of the company who made this to make the game appear so child-friendly when there's definitely inappropriate stuff going on in the chats.

Well I've been doing those stuff for a very long time now and have not earned a single gem.

Without gems the game is very boring because all you is wait around for an egg to hatch or the next battle to be available.

The developers of Dragon City recently added chat and "alliance" features that encourage players to interact with one another.

There is some basic profanity filter, but it's easy to circumvent and there are no moderators.

But I guess letting children see borderline pornographic depictions of women has become a norm in video games?

One other thing that I think the company really needs to work on is that a lot of stuff is not explained sufficiently and is not clear, and usually you learn about it through making costly mistakes.Imagine spending on an in-game dragon for a phone game, multiple times, that you'll probably get tired of after a while. is more than what the entire game should cost if you had paid a base price!Finally there's the matter of things taking a long time (where of course they want to get you to pay real money to speed things up); personally this isn't my biggest complaint, because I'm fine with starting a task and going about my day and then checking on it later-- and there's just so much other stuff in the game that irritates me a lot more.The example of when the time issue does bug me is when they make special "events" (the maze, etc) which again are deceptively advertised as presumably being possible to complete-- but you can't, really.Please don’t let your children play this game.(Im 12) The people who created this game are extremely greedy and liers.

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