Sex slave chat group

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Sex slave chat group

For example, well a hot blowjob scene might be accepted in other groups..would be rejected here UNLESS the slave was giving the blowjob after their sale.2) Needless to say, if it violates the TOS it will not be accepted here.

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Bikers-get-to-it **1/2 --A couple gets it from a biker gang at a campground.(MMF, MF, MM, auth, intro).

Birthday Present** -- She knows just what she wants: to see her husband suck cock. Boy Toys** -- Lesbian asks to watch a gay guy with his lover, then gets so turned on she joins in.

( MMF, intro, interracial) Bisexual Orgy Ch.1** ----Jay shares his wife and himself with his friend. Bisexual Orgy Ch.2**1/2----The boss laces the punch with an aphrodisiac and a good time is had by all. Blue Light Special** --girlfriends catch two men doing it at a clothing store and decide to join in. --Boy Story **1/2-- His pain is his Mistress and Master's pleasure. (MMF, voy) Brian, Eve, and Rhonda Part 1 --2** --Rhonda gets her husband a special present for his birthday: Eve, a hot she-male.

They can be of any time period and genre.4) We highly encourage original artwork and stories.

If using another person's work please give credit where it is due if at all possible.

The girls have a great time tieing up the men and putting them together in various ways. Creampie Reluctance**--- Biguy serves as maid at orgy, licking pussies clean and taking it up the ass.

(bi, tv, orgy, reluc) Cum Provider** ----College students make some money selling their spunk.

The only thing lacking in this story is bimale action, though there are some strapons...(MFdom/F, MFF, M F , bdsm, humil). The Circle**1/2 ---A couple is introduced to submission, bisexuality, and more by the masters of "the Circle." Stay away from the last few pages if you don't like extreme kink. (MMF, wife, MM, FF, beast, intro, dom, gs) College Boy-Part 1 --2**1/2 --When a BMOC tries to seduce a cute freshman, her brother's friend comes to her aid and turns him into their boy toy. Coming Out**-- He meets a young couple at their daughter's coming out party and they introduce him to new pleasures. (MMF, intro) Company Cuckold-Part 1 --2**1/2 -- Peter gets a job with his wife's company only to find she's been servicing all the black managers.

Chris Ann, and Me ** --He meets an exhibitionist couple who like to play with vibrators in the bookstore and leave the hotel room door open. Lots of tasty cum eating but a bit heavy on the humiliation (for me that is).

Eve moves in and becomes the Mistress of the house. Carpark** -- While jogging in the park, he finds a young couple in the bushes. The Challenge*** -- A couple challenges each other to play increasingly kinky games until he finds himself at an "exhibition hall" with a bunch of other bound men and women, and learns to drink cum with a straw (among other things). --The Changing of the Prude***-- A hot new girlfriend teaches a guy all sorts of tricks: bondage, cum eating, strap-ons, bi group sex with old friends ...(he thought they were conservative! (MF, MMFF, bondage, intro, strap-on.) Charenton*** -- The mansions mistress has perverse tastes which her servants and guests share.

Everyones desires are fulfilled at the dinner party.

) #music (Make requests for songs on x Xx RADIO or post youtube music links) #fuck_me_in_front_of_everyone (Where the women are wet and the men are hard) #bbw (For those who appreciate larger curvaceous women with a fuller figure) #anime (Anime, toons and hentai lovers) #singles (Single, divorced or separated?

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