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Before Mc MILLIAN, BRIGHT and LOKEN, Circuit Judges. Binger, argued, Sioux Falls, SD, for Jesse Rouse in No. While that issue remained for the jury, the jury evaluated the children's evidence of abuse without the benefit of a qualified defense child abuse expert who would have assisted the jury by explaining that the children had been subjected by state investigators to “powerful and coercive influences.”We briefly address the merits of some of the other errors alleged by the defendants. First, the trial court's discretionary ruling which denied defendants a further independent medical examination leaves inconclusive the abuse conclusions resting on medical findings. The questioning at trial represents a highly questionable aspect of testifying about an event. Underwager-with preconceived notions about the facts of this case, and they did not interview the children until after the children had been with Jordan for over a week. Indeed, the prosecutor's child abuse expert, Tascha Boychuk of the Child's Advocacy Center, Phoenix, Arizona, who testified at a pretrial hearing stated, “[i]f the question is can a child's memory be falsified, certainly the probability and the likelihood is yes. Yes.”The reality of children's susceptibility to suggestive interview practices is well-established in the literature and the necessary analysis is beyond the ken of a non-professional. Norquay, 987 F.2d 475, 479 (8th Cir.1993) (affirming admittance of expert rape trauma syndrome evidence over defendant's objections that this amounted to admission of others' opinions of victim's credibility because witnesses were not allowed to state whether they believed the victim had indeed been raped), abrogated on other grounds, United States v. Azure, 801 F.2d 336, 340 (8th Cir.1986) ], we stated that general testimony about a [child] victim's ability to separate truth from fantasy, the expression of an opinion on the similarities between a victim's claim and the evidence, and the comparison of behavioral and testimonial patterns of a particular victim with the behavioral patterns observed in victims in general, were all admissible in certain circumstances.” Bachman v. Richard Kaplan, a pediatrician at the Yankton Medical Clinic who examines 500 to 600 children per month. Kaplan testified that the vaginal redness and possible trauma he observed could be consistent with abuse or any number of possible non-abuse causes; the conditions he observed were basically nonspecific as to cause; he could not conduct a thorough examination while the children were awake; and based on his limited examination, he could not positively diagnose any of the children as having been abused. That work indicates that a number of factors or conditions may mimic findings caused by sexual abuse or wrongly produce a history suggestive of child sexual abuse, including adults misinterpreting normal masturbation or sexual play between children and a variety of other dermatologic, congenital, traumatic and infectious conditions.

The jury acquitted the defendants of the remaining charges. Underwager can produce biased, untrue or false memories in children, and more particularly young children.

These defendants are Jesse Rouse, Desmond Rouse, Garfield Feather and Russell Hubbeling. The jury found Jesse Rouse guilty of two counts of sexual abuse; Desmond Rouse guilty of three counts; Garfield Feather guilty of four counts and Russell Hubbeling guilty of two counts. Reliability of the Offered Testimony We have examined both the evidence and the literature presented to the district court and conclude that both support the defendants' offer of proof.

These convictions rest upon testimony of young children, the alleged victims, with some support from findings on medical examinations of the children. The events allegedly occurred at family residences on a South Dakota Indian Reservation. That assumption minimizes almost 100 years of extensive research in this area of psychology-information which is beyond the knowledge or experience of the average individual.3.

Mike Leidholt, Cabinet Secretary To protect the citizens of South Dakota by providing safe and secure facilities for juvenile and adult offenders committed to our custody by the courts, to provide effective community supervision to offenders upon their release and to utilize evidence-based practices to maximize opportunities for rehabilitation.

For purposes of community and victim notification, an Online Offender Locator is available to search the status of inmates, parolees and those who have completed their court-ordered sentences.

Jean Brock, a social worker for the Department, transported the children to Jordan's foster home, and told the children it was their uncles' fault that they were being taken away because the uncles were doing “bad things” to them. The discussion in the case does not apply to “technical, or other specialized knowledge[,]” but only to “scientific knowledge.” Id. City of Detroit, 25 F.3d 1342, 1349 (6th Cir.1994), cert. Children in studies and in actual cases have shown that peer pressure or interaction with other children has effects on the accuracy of their reporting: they will provide an inaccurate response when other children have “already told” in order to go along with a peer group or be part of the crowd. They are usually questioned repeatedly within and across sessions, sometimes about an ambiguous event by a variety of interviewers, each with their own agenda and beliefs. The authors conclude with these comments: Our review of the literature indicates that children can indeed be led to make false or inaccurate reports about very crucial, personally experienced, central events.․Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to examine the conditions prevalent at the time of a child's original report about a criminal event in order to judge the suitability of using that child as a witness in the court. The children themselves provided a source of this information because after weeks of interrogation and “counselling,” the sex abuse accusations expanded to include all sorts of family members including the grandmother.

On her initial intake sheet, Brock noted that “the children love the adults,” but that the home was messy. Children are sometimes interviewed formally and informally for many months preceding an official law-enforcement interview with anatomical dolls, providing an opportunity for the child to acquire scripted and stereotypical knowledge about what might have occurred. It seems particularly important to know the circumstances under which the initial report of concern was made, how many times the child was questioned, the hypotheses of the interviewers who questioned the child, the kinds of questions the child was asked, and the consistency of the child's report over a period of time. This well may have been fantasy and bears on the reliability of the government's case against these defendants.Wiconi Wawokiya, an organization committed to ending domestic violence on reservation communities, plans to open the Pathfinder Center in an old motel, a place where victims can receive counseling, shelter, and emotional support once their abuser has been caught.“We’re sending the message to the men who are doing this: ‘Don’t come to our state.Drive on,'” Kevin Koliner, a federal prosecutor, told the Associated Press. The children are referred to by initials in the text of this opinion. Ceci and Maggie Bruck, Suggestibility of Child Witnesses: A Historical Review and Synthesis, 113 Psychological Bulletin 403-439 (1993), which reviews the research and writing on the subject and supports the view that the very matters observed and testified to by Dr. They and a fifth defendant, Duane Rouse, who was acquitted by the jury, faced twenty-three counts of aggravated sexual abuse of children under the age of twelve years in violation of 18 U. These counts related to alleged abuse of five young Native American children. Ed.2d 392 (1996): Little turns, however, on whether we label review of this particular question abuse of discretion or de novo, for an abuse of discretion standard does not mean a mistake of law is beyond appellate correction. In particular, the district court made reference to a recent article by Stephen J.Koliner helped to prosecute Mohammed Sharif Alaboudi, a South Dakotan convicted of sex trafficker who is now serving four life terms in prison.