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Sex dating in newent gloucestershire

That year Meek conceived, wrote and produced an "Outer Space Music Fantasy"' an Album I Hear A New World with a band called Rod Freeman & the Blue Men.

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On 3 February 1967, using a shotgun owned by musician Heinz Burt, Meek killed his landlady Violet Shenton and then shot himself.During his time he recorded US actor George Chakiris for SAGA Records and it was this that led him to Major Wilfred Alonzo Banks and an independent career.He also engineered many jazz and calypso records including vocalist and percussionist Frank Holder and band leader Kenny Graham.Stigwood was able to gain Leyton a booking to perform the song several times in an episode of Harpers West One, a short-lived ITV soap opera in which he was making a guest appearance.Meek's third UK No.1 and last major success was with the Honeycombs' "Have I the Right?From 1953 he worked for the Midlands Electricity Board.

He used the resources of the company to develop his interest in electronics and music production, including acquiring a disc cutter and producing his first record.It also spent five weeks at number one in the UK singles chart, with Meek receiving an Ivor Novello Award for this production as the "Best-Selling A-Side" of 1962.He also produced music for films such as Live It Up! Meek's concept album I Hear a New World (1960), which contains innovative use of electronic sounds, was not fully released in his lifetime.He left the electricity board to work as an audio engineer for a leading independent radio production company which made programmes for Radio Luxembourg, and made his breakthrough with his work on Ivy Benson's Music for Lonely Lovers.His technical ingenuity was first shown on the Humphrey Lyttelton jazz single "Bad Penny Blues" (Parlophone Records, 1956) when, contrary to Lyttelton's wishes, Meek 'modified' the sound of the piano and compressed the sound to a greater than normal extent. He then put enormous effort into Denis Preston's Landsdowne Studio but tensions between Preston and Meek soon saw Meek leaving.As an independent label, Triumph was dependent on small pressing plants, which were unable to meet the demand for product.