Sex dating in hackensack new jersey

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Sex dating in hackensack new jersey

Colonel Patrick Callahan, New Jersey State Police, left, speaks during a press conference the arrests of 16 alleged child predators. Some of them even showed up at an apartment in Bergen County expecting a sexual encounter. Despite identifying themselves as 14- and 15-year-olds, police claim, the men still engaged in conversations about sex and arranged to meet up.

You need an experienced sex crime lawyer to build you a strong defense and protect your rights.

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Local, state and federal authorities announced the results of the investigation, dubbed “Operation Home Alone,” at a press conference in Hackensack Wednesday morning. Child predators used chat apps to lure minors for sex, N. Posted by on Wednesday, April 24, 2019 The investigation, which ran from April 11 through April 15, led to a range of charges including luring, attempted sexual assault – and, in some cases, possession of child pornography.

Instead, they found dozens of law enforcement officials running a five-day sting operation that arrested 16 men accused of attempting to sexually abuse minors. The Attorney General is discussing the arrest of 16 alleged child predators today.

Being charged with a sex crime is an incredibly serious matter.

Being convicted of a sex crime in New Jersey or New York can lead to time in jail, fines, probation and irreparable damage to your reputation, your career and your family.

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