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Non-residents must show picture ID and must be escorted from the lobby by a resident.Any incidents of theft in the building must be reported upon discovery to the Director of Campus Housing.

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For anyone lawfully present on the College’s campus, the outdoor common and indoor common areas are designated as venues for free expression, including spon­taneous expression, speeches, demonstrations and the distribution of information.

911 should be contacted immediately in any emergency situation occurring outside of normal campus business hours or at any time that the Vice President of Student Affairs is not available.

Children under age 12 not enrolled in a College activity must be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult any time they are on College property.

Other campus buildings are locked and unlocked by the maintenance staff at such times as may be specified by the Physical Plant Director based upon College class and administrative work schedules.

The City of Petoskey Department of Public Safety is the agency primarily relied upon by the College for the prevention and investigation of accidents, fire and crime.

Approved 12/02 402 Any employee of North Central Michigan College who uses illicit drugs, hallucinogenics, controlled substances, or unauthorized alcohol (“substances”) during working hours or who attempts to work while under the influence of same, potentially endangers him/herself as well as other employees. The Guide shall be reviewed, tested, and updated at least once each school year by the Campus Security Committee assisted by appropriate College employees and local public safety personnel.

Violation of this policy will lead to discipline up to and including immediate discharge. Employees shall be provided information about the Guide at the time of initial employment and at least once each year thereafter.

Students are not to bring children to class unless the child’s attendance is required as part of the student’s responsibilities in completing a course assignment or the student receives prior permission from the instructor. 231-347-5511 North Country Community Mental Health Services 800-834-3393 North Central Michigan College shall and does maintain a comprehensive Emergency Procedures Guide for the safety and security of College employees, students, and visitors on the College’s Petoskey campus.

The College assumes no responsibility for the safety of children left unattended on its property. The Guide currently encompasses the following and may be amended, as necessary: bomb threats, building evacuations, dangerous persons on campus, neighborhood intruders, hostages, fires, gas leaks, release of hazardous materials, lockdowns, medical emergencies, missing students, off-campus emergencies, serious injuries or death, sexual offenses, suicides, student unrest, and weather.

All such calls/reports will be thoroughly investigated by the Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designated representative together with the appropriate law enforcement officials as necessary.

Violation of North Central Michigan College regulations, policies or conduct standards by students or employees will be administered in accordance with the appropriate disciplinary procedures.

The President appoints a Campus Security Committee to review NCMC's security issues and recommend security policy adjustment to the President as necessary.