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Jason texts me to see if we are still on for tonight.

For questions about the email Matt, your Seattle Coordinator or to register by phone call 360-850-1885.I meet up with a friend at a coffee shop on Capitol Hill after work and regale her with the bios and text messages of the two men I have agreed to go on dates with this week.She somehow breezes right by “two dudes who share a Tinder account” and demands to see a photo of Jason.But it seems like this girl is under the impression that she and Jason are exclusive, and that really bums me out.I think back to how he brought up that his Tinder notifications were turned off.I also can’t imagine that going to a barcade will facilitate a lot of meaningful conversation. Basically, I am steeling myself for the absolute worst-case scenario.

This has proven to be a great strategy in the past.Should I ask that my Tinder dates not refer to any of their friends by name just in case I have dated or slept with one of them? Actually, I find it to be discouraging most of the time. So, armed with the motivational fear of Liz Lemon’s spinsterhood and the knowledge that I have absolutely zero mutual friends with Nick Kroll, I open my phone and get back to it.In order to ensure equal numbers of men and women at our events, everyone must register in advance. In this series, Tinder users give us VIP access to one week of their swipes, first lines, and in-person meetings. It’s a rainy Sunday evening in Seattle, and I find myself where I have found myself time and time again.I am curled up on my couch drinking tea that I have accidentally over-sweetened, “watching” “30 Rock” while I dedicate the majority of my attention to voraciously flipping through Tinder. But honestly, this is one of my favorite ways to combat the Sunday scaries.(Do people go on first dates during their lunch break? In that case, is now a good time to tell him that I was a townsperson in my hometown community theater’s production of “The Music Man” when I was 12?

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