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Oslo's harborfront City Hall is full of great art and is worth touring.

As you dodge patrol guards and vans filled with soldiers, you'll see the castle, war memorials, the Norwegian Resistance Museum, and cannon-strewn ramparts affording fine harbor views and picnic perches.

A military parade befitting Norway's modest military power enlivens the scene.

It ends up at the palace, where people gather to watch the daily changing of the guard.

The city's grand boulevard, Karl Johans Gate, cuts from the train station through the center of town to the Royal Palace.

It's a people-friendly boulevard, lively with restaurants, parks, and strolling crowds.

There's also a recreated old town and a folk-art museum.

In peak season, the park is especially lively, with craftspeople doing their traditional things, barnyard animals roaming about, and attendants in period clothing.The construction masterfully integrates land and water, inside and outside, nature and culture.The most essential paintings on display here are those featuring quintessentially Norwegian scenes and themes.This museum holds the 125-foot, steam- and sail-powered ship that took modern-day Vikings Roald Amundsen and Fridtjof Nansen deep into the Arctic and Antarctic, and now also includes Amundsen's , the Oscar-winning 1950 documentary film, play in a small theater at the end of the exhibit.The Norwegian Folk Museum is a 35-acre park on the Bygdøy peninsula, scattered with traditional buildings from across Norway.The boulevard is named for the man who built this palace: Karl Johan.

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