Red intimidating color

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Red intimidating color

Amazingly, the right colors can naturally improve your looks, making you appear younger, healthier and more energetic !

Subjects were asked to perform specified tasks under the condition of having a blue or red desktop background as well as tasks involving working with the actual color.September 18, 2007 Think about it…you are more formal towards the person in a dark navy outfit than to the one dressed in beige! The effect is subtle but very real; color sways perception, judgment and behavior.It has the psychological power to influence emotion.Perhaps because instructors often use red ink to mark errors, people associate the color "with mistakes and failures," and, "in turn, they do poorly on" the exam in front of them.According to the University of British Columbia’s research on color concerning the effects of red and blue on task work, red may be sometimes approached as a bit intimidating, superior, and with great caution.A 2005 study by British scientists found that athletes wearing red "have an advantage over blue-suited competitors," according to .

The effect is subtle, though, so it may only factor in when evenly matched competitors face off. Red can cause failure on exams Seeing "even a hint of red" on an exam can affect a test-taker's performance "to a significant degree," researchers reported in 2007.Wearing particular colors will influence the way others relate to you. Appear friendly and approachable Wear clear earth tones, light yellow and clear colors in warmer hues: 7.Hear are some tips on how to dress to influence with color. Attract attention Wear bright, advancing colors such as orange-red, orange, yellow and lime that are visually and psychologically compelling (but not necessarily business-like). Downplay attractiveness Wear muted colors, dark colors, neutral colors and unflattering colors: Manage the impression you give.Here, four recent findings that may change the way you look at crimson: 1.Red intensifies our physical reactions Seeing red causes people to react faster and more forcefully, according to a new study published in the journal , the findings "may have applications for sporting and other activities in which a brief burst of strength and speed is needed, such as weightlifting." 2.She is a founding board member and ex-President of the South Asia-Singapore Chapter of AICI, a global professional association of image consultants.

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