Reasons for dating a baseball player

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To each their own but child-birth was easily on my top 3 list of fears and I couldn’t imagine going through it without my best friend by my side.

That was a huge (emphasis on HUGE) con for me right off the bat so I wrote this option off almost immediately.

Landon was born on a Monday and Mat was scheduled to pitch that Thursday.

As daunting as my in-season child-birth once seemed, it actually worked out perfectly as Mat didn’t have to miss a start to be there.

Running, throwing, catching, moving from side to side and swinging a bat are all part of the game.

The benefits don't start with "play ball." Even the stretching and warmup before the game improve flexibility, circulation and develop muscle.

Some sports talk personalities even went so far as to say that the athlete’s should not have missed games for the births of their children referencing reasons like it being the second child, playoffs, etc.

I watched all of this unfold in horror as I sat there making my own little human who could possibly one day inconvenience the sports world. While it shouldn’t have affected me, hearing all of that negative banter about an already insane situation (in my mind) just added to my anxiety.Fielding the ball on the ground or on the fly involves a lot of moving parts working in harmony.You will develop a high level of hand-eye coordination as you practice and learn to apply the reflexes necessary to field a ground ball, shift weight and transfer the ball from your glove to your throwing hand, then throw the ball to another player.Hitting a baseball also requires a high level of hand-eye coordination. He said “baseball is a simple game played with bats, balls and people.” (Reference 2, p.ix) Baseball has a place for you, no matter your age, and depending on the league, your fitness level.This gives each player a high level of responsibility to the team.

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