Problems dynamically updating xul hierarchical trees

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Indeed, there are very few simple, easy to read, non-intrusive, text advertisements.Instead, ads are often flash or animated gif banners that users feel to be too invasive (pop-ups, pop-unders, and the like sometimes cover the desirable contents) and flashing graphics make it very hard to read real text elsewhere on the page ; most of the time ads that are delivered are not appropriate (so-called targeted ads often fail) ; they distract the reader with noise.

Due to some bugs (in Gecko for example), some websites can access chrome:// addresses in SCRIPT and IMG tags and detect adblocking add-ons installed on browsers.

It is important to notice that according to this RSS model, content providers do control feeds, meaning they can choose what content to offer to theirs subscribers, trough RSS feeds.

Again, thanks to emerging mechanisms, it is now possible for users to freely extract parts of web contents, without any limitations.

The rise of solutions enabling to block or skip such ads greatly endangers this mainstream source of revenue.

Advertisements represent a major source of revenue for many websites and companies.

It is then of the highest importance to be able to find a way to secure the display of advertisements on web browsers and to avoid the possible death of advertising in today's digital networks and their associated ever growing adblocking capabilities.

Indeed, a complete shift away from advertising threatens, with the growing use of adblocking techniques (so called adblockers or ad blockers).The use of personalized web pages enables to extract precise contents areas and to gather these extracted contents in personalized pages.Following, the user does not need to visit the original page again, thus skipping advertisements if any.For example, a technique (sometimes called RSS Generator) enables to extract feeds from any web page.Yet other techniques allow not only to gather RSS feeds, but also to combine them (RSS Remixer tools enable to filter, search, mix, etc).A known approach consists in URLs address scrambling techniques, in order to bypass URLs blacklists.