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Its not as bad as it seem, but it still is harm to the neighborhood and the people living in it. My name is Ana, I have been living in Lawndale for about 2 years and, I can say that it is a quiet neighborhood, there are plenty stores, schools, a library, gym, as well as efficient public transportation. Philadelphia is very historic since the creation of the country was mostly created in the city of brotherly love!

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Cost of living is excellent here and I am so close to shopping centers, grocery, restaurant and bars.There is a fantastic amount of interesting things the city has to provide, from first Fridays filled with great food, music, and art, to Friday and Saturday mornings at Central Market in Historic Downtown.This town has a lot to offer and is only getting larger and providing more places and things to do!The business in the area are almost all mom and pop shops showing how community ran this community really is. The only problem for me is the school system is rated C- with all this taxes but inadequate school system.I have lived in Mayfair for about 14 years, the people are usually friendly, just some places there are people who are not so great. New homeowners moving in, really close to public transportation, Parks and major roads, more home for your buck.I've looked all over Philadelphia for a great neighborhood for my family and was glad to settle into Whitman.

I have good relationships with the teachers at my kids' school.

It is a nice area if you are a student because it is very quiet here, which is perfect for studying.

It is a brand new house so the wall and the floor is clean/ you get a small backyard, and possibly a garage, and you can still have a parking lot.

Philly is home to many delicious treats such as soft pretzels, water ice, and, of course, cheese steaks.

This city is filled with amazing things and lets everyone know that.

I have lived there for about 10 years, and there was always a community family event happening.