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The formula provides plenty of tension between the miners and the investigators (one of whom is a female and creates strife simply by entering the caves — a big no-no in miner superstition and folklore).The two leads, Patrick Doyle and Kristen Luman, embody a yin-yang approach to investigation.

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Streaming Windows media files (WMV and WMA) from Firefox in Ubuntu has been a known problem for a long time.

The “House that ‘Sightings’ built” has been dismantled to its very foundations. And in doing so, the show displays how experiences of the paranormal affect participants on emotional and even physical levels.

No “wham bam thank you ma’am” investigation porn here: “Ghost Mine” is invested in its location and premise.

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The paranormal team is a couple (like us), although it’s not clear that they are married or involved personally.

(I presume they are…but it really doesn’t matter.) They have cool toys – we really like the Mars-rover-type buggy they send in, with the K2 and voice recorder and other stuff strapped on its back, though we struggle to imagine where besides a hard rock mine something like this would be needed or even practical.

When I try to create a pull request on Git Hub for one of the private repositories I contribute to, Firefox hangs and crashes badly enough that I need to kill the process or wait several minutes for the page to respond again.

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The pair butt heads repeatedly on the origin of ghostly sounds and winds from the depths and often find themselves battling skeptical miners while trying to pacify the superstitious long-beards.

The most humanizing element of “Ghost Mine” are its miners, who pay tribute to the superstitions and folklore of their profession’s past.

The location is an abandoned Oregon mine, recently purchased by an owner ready to strike it rich who has hired a ragtag crew of experienced miners and greenhorn rookies to plumb the geological depths.

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