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But it was quickly debunked as unfounded by both their respective agencies and actor Park Seo Joon himself.“I tried having secret relationships but it was not with Park Seo Joon. If we were a secret couple, why would I put a photo of it on Instagram?I wouldn’t have left any traces.” — Park Min Young Park Min Young emphasizes that none of the supposed evidences of having matching couple-items are true.

Lee Min Ho and Park Min young had started their relationship after working together in “City Hunter”.

I hope that this interview will help the source of interest to turn back towards the success of the drama.” — Park Min Young“I want to emphasize that the dating rumors are not true. I’m not dating and I’m not getting married.” — Park Min Young“First, I was angry because I felt misunderstood and I wondered what I could do about it. (laugh) I looked through them, and there’s no truth to any one of them. While I was on my way to this interview, my mom told me to bring her passport and show them the immigration stamps, so that I can prove that the trip I went on was with her.

I don’t understand how someone can say I’m dating someone by putting together false evidences and rumors. I tried to laugh it off but the situation became more and more serious. They compiled a lot of so-called evidences that had no credibility, and I felt horribly misunderstood.

She got double eyelid surgery and fixed her nose when she was a teenager.

She decided to reveal her secret because by confessing her past, she wants people to focus on now, the current Park Min young.

Because of this they had to attend different ceremony.

The main reason why they had broke up was that they were too famous to manage their private times.

Park Min-young was born on March 4, 1986, in Seoul, South Korea.

She studied at Dongguk University and majored in theater.

Naturally, women and men have an ideal type for their preferred lovers. That’s because Park Min-young is an impatient person so she needs a husband like that.

She rose to fame in the historical coming-of-age drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal and has since starred in television series City Hunter and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim (2018). Like many celebrities and famous people, Park keeps her personal and love life private.

She had graduated from Dongguk University in February 2013.