Other dating sites like okcupid

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Other dating sites like okcupid

Finally, to make the system really work, you should answer more questions about your personality.

The one that seems to have "stuck", however, is from okc.

As such, you can expect to invest a lot of time into crafting your profile.

After selecting some attractive pictures of yourself to showcase and answering a few questions about your personality, you face a task many of us would rather avoid: Give a description of yourself. You are expected to write at least a few free paragraphs about yourself first, and then fill in the remaining sections like “Aspirations”, “Talents”, “Hobbies”, etc.

Then, the cult-like front won't ever leave and uses very shady dealings to keep you there. You just keep looking at stuff, and sometimes go in and try something on, but you never actually buy. I was on match for a year and didn't get single date.

I tried to sign up for eharmony but they said I was unmatchable so they refused to let me. It's somew halfway between Tinder and OKC - you can only chat with people you match with, but there's more info about the person than Tinder. Tinder use by women in my age-bracket seems tenuous.

I had a POF account for a while and met one person and she pulled a gun on me on the first and only meeting. I see many of the same people on Po F as OKC.e Harmony was a mystery.

So yeah, try all of them why not I always thought I was the only one that eharmony said was unmatchable but since visiting reddit I'm starting to think that eharmony is just a front is like that creepy kabob shop that clearly is just a front for cocaine or something because there is no way they can be a successful business. You fill out this massive profile then you wait for them to dole out a few matches every few days.

That means reading their profile and finding some conversation starter like a shared love for a mutual hobby, or a question about something they said.

You should put in enough effort to show you care and read what they had to say, but not so much effort that you seem obsessed with them. Actually, you shouldn’t wait for a reply, but just keep going and reaching out to people you might like, instantly forgetting about them after sending you message so as not to feel too disappointed if they don’t respond.

Answer honestly, and think about how important your ideal mate’s answers are to you.

All of this gives you a relatively detailed personality profile that Ok Cupid then matches to other users, giving the two of you a compatibility percentage to help you identify great matches at a glance, before reading their profile. Once you have finished your profile – your ideal representation of yourself – it’s time to attract a mate.

I'm not sure how helpful that is, but there ya go.

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