Old lionel train dating

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Old lionel train dating - funny quotes about internet dating

Identify whether the train has a particular theme or design.If the train has a theme linking it to space exploration, such as the Cape Canaveral Train Set, then it was made during the 1960s.

Although television will try to convince you otherwise, not all old trains are rare or exceptionally valuable.Identify whether the train is made of plated tin or plastic.Although Marx began producing plastic trains in the 1950s, the company did not completely convert its product line to plastic until the 1960s.Likewise, design and construction are key to identification.The earliest Joy Line Marx trains looked more toy-like.Specialty websites and reference books feature photographs illustrating the components of Marx trains.

Examining even small parts, such as tongue-and-groove couplers (a style of train-car connector made by Marx starting in 1938), can help date a train.

Always look for the Marx logo on the underside of one of the train's cars to make sure it is a genuine Marx product.

Be aware that reissues of Marx trains are on the market.

I collect O gauge Marx and American Flyer, and Lionel to a lesser extent.

So I’ve looked at thousands upon thousands of Ebay listings so I can tell you what works in Ebay train listings and what doesn’t, what to expect to get, and where to look for information to enhance your listings and hopefully wring out another dollar or two from your efforts. Modern era trains are from 1970 to the present day.

Train sets with television-show themes date from the late 1950s and early 1960s.