Nikki hsieh dating

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Nikki hsieh dating

Kunda had specially taken an hour off on Sunday so as to register his marriage with Alice.Due to the lack of planning and time constraint, Alice was so nervous that she had even accidentally signed on the wrong section, and did not realise it until she was corrected.

Just a note, unlike other doppelganger stories in other drama series, (Jade Chou), a single woman in her 30s, believes in true, naturally-occurring love that doesn’t require effort to obtain. These days you don’t see characters like him on a series.

The dramas themselves are actually well done and very addictive.

The three series feature popular story tropes: features a story about a woman in her 30s quickly passing her prime to get married. They all go the way romance dramas go, which is to be expected.

If after watching these three dramas you’re finding that you’re wanting to see more of Wu Kang Ren’s awesome work, he does have a new drama that is currently airing, called .

This time he’s playing a journalist and starring next to Ella Chen.

She believes true love will come to her and there is no need for false pretenses and putting on shows to gain affection for true love to bloom. Despite her being the first to uncover his game and prevent him from taking things all the way, he was able to extract a confession from her that she, a person who believed that true love can only be obtained naturally, was fooled—that for a moment, that feeling she thought was true love, was born from a situation that was full of pretense and show. They’re often the wealthy, in charge of a coorporation type characters that easily have viewers in the palm of their hands.

, she may not go around playing men, but her standards are much too high and unrealistic.

The 35-year-old actor later expressed that he could not believe that he now had the status of a “husband” and almost shed a few tears.

Prior to her relationship with Kunda, Alice was married to her then-boyfriend at the age of 18, but realised that the pair were too different when she hit 20, so they decided to get a divorce after two years together.“I was still too young and did not understand the concept of marriage at that time.

Wu Kang Ren and his dramas are truly that good, especially if you enjoy romance dramas with a more down-to-earth tone without the exaggerated drama and forced plots, but still equally exciting.

All these dramas are written well with (in our opinion) awesome lead and supporting characters.

She said that she was under a lot of stress while filming the series in 2015, and was therefore cranky all the time, but thankfully Kunda stayed by her side, making her see that “he was the one.”The newlyweds are still in the midst of preparing for their wedding ceremony, which would most likely only be held during the later half of next year as Kunda’s work schedule is currently packed till May.

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