Nick rhodes is dating a fan

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“Every change that happens around you gets taken in somewhere and reflected,” Rhodes says. It was definitely in our mandate [to find our own look], but we weren’t looking for something unnatural.Here he waxes nostalgic about David Bowie, eyeliner, and frilly shirts, and fills us in on his favorite contemporary designers, Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane included. When we formed Duran Duran, it was really a melting pot of new wave, mixed with electronic dance music, disco, and glam rock. We were actually just searching for things that we thought were cool and often we’d find women’s clothes, because actually men’s clothes weren’t particularly flamboyant at that time, so we’d literally go to small women’s boutiques and buy jackets off the shelf or a shirt that buttoned the wrong way for us, but it didn’t really matter.

Since then, their style and sound has never stopped evolving.I’ve got satin jodhpurs, they are sort of purply-blue satin jodhpurs that are possibly the widest pair of jodhpurs you will ever see, and a little bolero jacket that goes with it. The person that we’ve worked with the most is Antony Price, who to me—I’ve said it many times and I’m going to keep saying it—is THE most underrated British designer. And I think because he never got some mega backing financially that a lot of the other designers did, he’s almost the most pure artist of all of them, to me.We worked with him, because we were aware of his work with Roxy Music, particularly. We didn’t actually do much with him because he always threatened to make men’s clothes but never really got further than pajamas, but we always used to love to go and see his fashion shows.Last night was a victorious one for the best trio in the business 🗣SCU!!!Today we celebrate with an #americanrebel cigar at the @Starrcast Events Smoke & Mirrors event from 11-1.It was all the things we knew as teenagers, and we somehow wanted to make a hybrid to create our own sound and our own look, to launch ourselves, and we knew we didn’t want to do anything that wasn’t stylish. And you’d mix that up with leather trousers that you’d managed to find in Birmingham or from a biker shop or something, and then you’d find a shop like Kahn & Bell, which was a dream, because everything they made we wanted to wear.

With the background we’d come from, we wanted something that was going to have a strong visual impact. Probably [John] and I subconsciously guided where we went stylistically as a band, but everybody in the band, without exception, had their own vision and style.

We always chose our own clothes and put things together ourselves. For example, Roger and I always laugh now when we arrive at a photo shoot and there are rails of clothes there. Funnily enough, I have David Bowie to thank, very personally, for this.

I remember the first time we encountered a stylist was the late 1980s. We’d just go and find things that we liked and somehow we grew together. I can literally go through them, as he could, and pick out something: “Oh, that’d be for John; oh, yep, there’s a Roger one there; yeah, that’s mine; okay, Simon will like that” and literally separate them all and when everybody arrives it’s very rare that there’s a squabble over a jacket or a pair of shoes or something because we are pretty much defined in the things that we like. When I met him, very early on, when I was still a teenager, he’d been a very influential and important artist to me, and certainly to all of Duran Duran.

Nick Rhodes Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes has a new girlfriend.

The 50-year-old musician is dating Italian beauty Maria Suvio - who is 18 years his junior - and says he fell head-over-heels for her when he first glimpsed her exotic look across a crowded room.

We hadn’t had a clue that people like this existed. There could be a little bit of a fracas over a Saint Laurent jacket at the moment—that’s for sure. And we met him and he was very charming, and wanted to talk to us about what we were doing, and what the band was about.

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