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Fortunately, fellow geek Aldys (LEELEE SOBIESKI), a smart student who doesn't care what others think about her, befriends Josie.

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Again, please keep their identity a secret Click on the "Continue" button search with your zip/postal code.

Josie Geller (DREW BARRYMORE) is a 25-year-old copy editor for the Chicago Sun-Times who longs for two things in her life.

Having not been popular in high school and still clueless regarding her personal life, she yearns to really be kissed by a man who's perfect for her.

It's not until her brother Rob (DAVID ARQUETTE), a guy who works in a packaging store whose life hasn't improved since his school days, reminds her that she was a complete geek in high school and that everyone called her "Josie Grossie." Nonetheless, and trying her best to fit in as a teenage student, Josie enrolls in South Glen South High School.

Her efforts are immediately thwarted, however, by her clueless sense of style that causes other students to pick on her, such as a trio of snobbish girls, Kirsten (JESSICA ALBA), Kristen (MARLEY SHELTON) and Gibby (JORDAN LADD), and the school's resident hunk, Guy Perkins (JEREMY JORDAN), who reminds her of her former, but unreciprocated high school crush.

Since she doesn't know how or when that will happen, she spends most of her time wanting to be a reporter.

She gets her chance when the paper's publisher, Rigfort (GARRY MARSHALL), desiring to know what's going on with his own teenage kids, decides that Josie should return to high school as an undercover reporter and get him a newsworthy story. REILLY), isn't so sure she's right for the job, although her coworker and best friend Anita (MOLLY SHANNON) thinks she can do it.Of course to be fair, Barrymore's character is only seven years out of high school and hasn't changed her clumsy, geeky ways.Nonetheless, the filmmakers could have used that comic potential, but instead have let it slip through their cinematic fingers.Nearly everyone, at some point in their lives, has looked back on their past and thought, "If I only knew then what I know now," particularly relating to their often turbulent high school years.With such hindsight and a time machine, one could go back and pay more attention and thus get better grades, participate more and definitely be more popular.While some minor ones are marginally present -- Josie and her teacher fall for each other and there's the constant, but barely used threat of her and her brother's identities being discovered, there's just not that much present to keep things interesting.

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