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There are no laws or institutional protections that will pay for her medical or legal bills, but independent women’s rights group Akhaya Women have supported her during the legal proceedings.If Akhaya did not step in to support her, her attacker would have been able to walk free.

We may know many strong women in our lives, including our mothers, sisters and grandmothers, but it is important to remember that our own experiences do not dictate the experiences of others.

That is not mentioning the lack of serious attention that is given to the protection of women and children in war zones and internally displaced persons camps.

The system inherited from the previous government leaves many cracks in the sidewalk that one could easily to fall into an abyss of human right’s violations.

Although there are some laws that look to protect women from rape and sexual harassment, they are poorly implemented.

In 2016, UNFPA reported on the lack of protections against cyber exploitation, revenge porn, date rape, marital rape and gang rape in Myanmar.

The issue of a lack of gender equality is by no means a myth – as was argued by the author of an article published in Tea Circle, “The myth Myanmar can afford to ditch” – here in Myanmar or elsewhere in the world.

Regardless of whether a woman is rich or poor, there are real social, political and institutional disadvantages that women and young girls face on a daily basis.

Please do not edit the piece, ensure that you attribute the author, their institute, and mention that the article was originally published on Copy this HTML into your CMSPress Ctrl-C to copy Women’s rights is not a topic that needs a long-winded introduction; it has been a fight that has been taken up by millions across the globe in the hope of achieving basic human rights for women - young and old, born or chosen - everywhere.

Despite the protests and movements made in the name of women rights, in this day and age there are still those who believe our struggle is not real.

To understand what it is like to be a woman in Myanmar, one must first understand that policy is the last line of defence.

As citizens of Myanmar, we all have a right to be treated as equals by the law, no matter what race, religion, citizenship status, class or gender we are.

Contraceptives are made difficult to attain and are often outdated compared to contraceptive technologies elsewhere.

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