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Mother and son web cam - famous contestants on the dating game

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Normally, she was this super articulate, strong-willed woman.We do not own, produce or host the videos displayed on this website. We have no control over the content of these websites.We take no responsibility for the content on any website which we link to, please use your own discretion while surfing the links. Not only could she feel her son throb in her mouth, but she also watched herself sucking cock on the screen. She also read the comments as they came rolling in. Her eyes remained on the screen as her head bobbed, with the tip of the penis pushing against the side of her cheek every time she took it deep. Her maternal side urgently kicked in, and she switched off her headset and stood up, bringing her lips to Jack's ear. Maureen switched the headset back on and went back to webcam model mode. "This is the first time my son is going to enter my womanhood," she announced for extra effect. Thank you all so much for the tips and lovely comments. I know my son will." Comments came flooding in, which Maureen hadn't even considered. To mix things up, she even got up and held the webcam, then dropped to her knees so that she could show a close up of herself sucking Jack's cock again. "I present you all with my son's delightful creampie. It was a beautiful sight, her pussy filled with cum. "I bet it's delicious." She plunged her fingers deep while the webcam showed the close-up. After all, you're the one who made the mess." Maureen never bothered getting dressed. She simply walked naked to the bathroom and made a gesture with her finger for Jack to follow. I had fantasized about him after he left for college. She closed her lips around the shaft and sucked on it. Maureen shifted her gaze between the webcam and the computer screen. Giving the audience, and her son, what they so desperately craved. If Jack shot his load, the show would be over, and she was fine with that. Sure enough, the goal was reached and she winked at the cam, spitting her son's hard cock out, leaving a trail of saliva fluids. But are you sure you're willing to have sex with me? It's necessary to maintain our credibility in the market place." "Smart boy," she quipped, wondering why she even had to ask. Maureen continued her occasional dirty talk while riding her son. "And for the finale," Maureen said to the audience. She spread her legs wide and pulled her son's flaccid penis out. I mean, I'm not pushing to do it again." She smiled, "Are you kidding? But in the meantime, I need a shower, and you have to help clean me up. Wishing I could take him in my mouth." The tips poured in. The chat room went wild with demands for her to suck it, with more tips to back up their wishes. "Here it goes." While staring at the audience, with her heavy mascara on, and her dark mask, she brought her red lipstick covered mouth to Jack's penis and took him inside. She kept on sucking and bobbing her head, while her eyes remained on the computer screen, looking at the number of tips collected so far. But if the financial goal was reached, then she'd have to be true to her word and let him fuck her pussy. I can make you cum on the cam, or not, if you don't want to. In business, it's important to honor your agreements at the agreed upon price. And they had talked about all sorts of different fantasies that they shared, including this one, a taboo desire for their own adult sons. And the way to complete that feeling was by bringing a satisfying conclusion to this. "Cum inside me," she said to Jack, and to the audience. It filled her heart with joy to see all the lovely comments too. "Overall, I'd definitely do it again," he said, then quickly adding, "Only if you want me too, of course. We could become the highest grossing webcam duo this world has ever seen.