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Mbc korean dating foreigners - consolidating itunes libraries into one

These stories are an attempt by conservative voices to not only “protect” women but to stigmatize women who make choices that don’t conform to normative expectations about marriage, family or Korean society.

This type of show just appeals to old conservative farts. They've been invaded and occupied throughout history and to latch onto this sense of nationalism they have the 'pureblood' thing going on. 2 years ago when I went home it was all about the Poles invading Britain, taking our jobs, coming here just to give birth so their babies could get citizenship. In short, this hit piece conveniently leaves out all other relations which transpire on any given night in Seoul.

There are so many it can even be hard to get through them quickly to the nearby Korean massage parlors and hostess bars.

But are these couples' relationships based upon trust or just curiosity?

Whether it's the KKK freaking out about white christian women sleeping with black men, it's always the same refrain. "Guess who owns, dominates, and controls the Korean media? Guess who stands to benefit from the widespread dissemination of "journalism" which paints foreign men as AIDS-infested playboys who pump and dump Korean women like playthings and desert them if they get pregnant? My friends were interviewed by the guys who made this. I never saw stuff like this while I was in Korea, but I also did not hang out with the type of foreigners that would do that kind of stuff.

Unless you are familiar with the less tasteful social circles, you can't really know what goes on in them or how prevalent they are.

There is no doubt that the morals of foreigners living in Korea has become a social issue.

In one area of Seoul mixed couples can be found walking all over the streets with daring intimacy.

Despite who was in the wrong in these incidents, let's all just be a little more careful.

In my old neighborhood, there was a group of teachers who would spend nights getting trashed sitting outside a family mart leering and hitting on every Korean girl that walked by.

(Cuz, you know, all they did was broadcast it into millions of homes. Thus, this one sided "Hide your women, lock your doors, the hoards are here" is just classic racist/nationalist propaganda. The guys said that one of them was a Japanese exchange film student. I mean, they sell those kits for getting past the AIDS test. This video is clearly discriminatory and makes me kinda angry.

Give 'em a break)Interesting how racism is closely related to misogyny. We didn't build the clubs, nor the love motels, nor the drinking culture which makes everything rather easy, but we represent all the evils of promiscuous sex which follow from these conditions. It's nice that their ethnic resentment can be put aside over a round of shared xenophobia. However, I worry that there is more truth to this than we realize.

I think the most important lesson we should take from this is that we need to be careful how we act in Korea.

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