Mayte mateos nude

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Mayte mateos nude

They reached a world-wide book of Guinness as the female group that had sold such more to 1977.In January 1978, "Darling" was a hit-single in most European countries.

The bosses at RCA were so swept away by their talent and their voices that only six days later their first single, "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" was recorded.By accident -- or actually more because of a mistake -- they got sent to a night club as their first engagement.They sang and danced with all their heart and soul, but a week later they were asked to leave.And that's the way it had been for years."But it became more and more clear that there was no hope for a resolution with the record company and they stopped their collaboration with producer/composer Rolf Soja.BACCARA recorded a single "Colorado" and a fourth album, "Bad Boys" (RCA PL 28476) with another production team. Jane Comerford, from Australia, has replaced Maria Mendiola. NEW BACCARA hits was "Fantasy Boy", "Call Me Up" and "Touch Me" released for Bellaphon label.The Girls were regularly seen on TV variety shows (mainly in Germany, Spain and UK) around the world.

Baccara was a resident musical guests on the weekly "Sacha Distel Show" on BBC2 in UK and "Musikladen" in Germany. Their new single "Sleepy Time Toy" had to be called back from the retailers, because Maria complained about her voice being underrepresented.In no time at all, the whole world lay at their feet. From Hongkong to Helsinki, BACCARA collected awards and prizes for top positions in the charts like other people collect stamps.For example: number one status in the UK and Germany.The follow-up single "Sorry, I'm A Lady" also topped the German charts and in November 1977, BACCARA's first album was released all over the world.The first album was "Baccara" (RCA PL 28316, 1977) containing "Yes Sir, I Can Boogie" and also "Sorry, I'm A Lady".BACCARA - Spanish group two beautiful girls Mayte Mateus (Matee Matheos) and Maria Mendiola (Marie Mendiola) - one of the world's most popular duo in the late 70's!

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