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Purchasing real estate is not always a problem with Venus retrograde. According to Delphine Jay, who has lectured extensively on retrogrades, she finds that Venus retrograde is a favorable time for re-negotiating a financial situation such as a contract or bank loan.If you know that the property is a bargain, you can make an excellent deal. It can be helpful in resolving a long-standing legal matter.

Saturn in Sagittarius is aspecting this square in his chart.

They show their love for their partner by taking care of them.

They are more attentive to their partner's feelings than their words.

To my surprise, they came back with the best bargains!

They discovered many valuable antiques with very low prices because the seller did not know their value.

The planets involved describe some of these problems. Venus: A general time of poor cooperation, feeling unloved and unappreciated.

This is a general description of Venus afflicting a natal planet: Sun: A time of general poor cooperation and hurt feelings. Mercury: A time of sensitivity through disagreement and not seeing eye-to-eye. The sign that Venus is not transiting will block the sign needs shown by the natal Venus sign position.

They are closely attached to their home and family.

Rejection is one of their biggest fears, and they can try some very frustrating ploys to find out if you love them or not. When these needs are met, they are patient, loving and dependable.

Relationships started now will be associated with inhibitions – clandestine or possibly more spiritual.

Something may be withheld and, if so, someone will be disappointed. Outer assurances and displays of love and affection are not readily evident.

You feel that you do not get the recognition that you deserve. Moon: A time of overly sensitive moods and hurt feelings. Mars: Anger and jealousy can cause relating problems. Jupiter: This aspect will cause phoniness and role playing in a relationship.

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